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Approximately 30-37 percent of all households in the United States have a cat. There are any number of ways to acquire a feline companion, including through friends, breeders, shelters and rescues. More than 35 percent of cats are acquired as strays.

Then there are catteries.
Catteries, which come in two varieties, are where cats are commercially housed. There are both boarding catteries and breeding catteries. At breeding catteries, cats may be bred as a hobby. They also may be bred on a commercial basis and sold for a profit. Certainly not all catteries are alike. Nor are their cats. For prospective owners whose tastes run toward the exotic, A Savannah Cat Cattery is the place to start.

Located in Quad Cities, Iowa/Illinois, A Savannah Cat Cattery is dedicated to breeding the most beautiful and exotic domestic cats. Indeed, these cats have the characteristics and temperament, as well as the exotic look, which owners want in a Savannah.  Founded by Dr. Olga Betzel, a renowned biologist specializing in genetics, A Savannah Cat Cattery is a unique family operated business.  Because this is not a large commercial cattery, minimal caging is used. A family developmental environment gives the cats the special characteristics their owners desire.

The folks at A Savannah Cat Cattery point out that they are not simply in business to sell cats. The cats are considered family members rather than just items for sale. Because these Savannahs are raised in a home, they are the best choice when selecting a new family pet. Although the Savannah is a relatively new breed, experts estimate their life span at 17-20 years.  So before you randomly choose a kitten or cat, take the time to learn more about Savannahs. An exotic companion with good house manners may prove to be the perfect companion!

A Savanna Cat Cattery is a unique family operated business dedicated to breeding the most beautiful and exotic domestic cats. Founded by Dr. Olga Betzel a renowned biologist specializing in genetics. Our cats have the characteristics and temperament as well as the exotic look that you want  in a Savannah.

A Savannah Cat Cattery … From Our Family to Yours

Thinking of getting a cat? A Savannah Cat Cattery says you’re in good company. Current estimates tell us there are between 74 and 96 million cats owned in the United States.

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